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Laura T. Rampil, DO, PA

Osteopathic Neuromusculoskeletal & Regenerative Medicine


"Dr. Rampil is a competent and empathetic physician, which is hard to find these days. She has a solid foundation of medical knowledge and skills. As a physician, I feel that I can judge Dr. Rampil's level of medical expertise. Her compassion is unsurpassed and this combined with her dedication makes her an excellent physician. I have found her to be open to alternative medicine and innovative techniques to manage pain."

Suzanne E. Smith, MD, FAAEM

“I have been seeing Dr. Laura Rampil for many years. I spend many hours intensely working at a computer each day so my body gets tense and continuously needs adjustments to relax. I cannot imagine what my life would be like without her help. She has also worked wonders with TMJ problems that I have from time to time. Osteopathic treatments really work!"


"My doctors were recommending surgery to insert a sling for my bladder. Dr. Rampil was able to correct my problem in just a few visits and prevent surgery."